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  • Model No.:CERO1500GPD
  • Certification:SGS ,CE
  • Made In:Madagascar
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packaged RO sytems - purification un


  • Type:Water Purification Equipment

Key Features

1500GPD RO UNIT without pretreatment

Reverse Osmosis is a method what uses the micro-porous spiral-wound membrne to separate dissoluble solid, organic matter, colloid and bacteria from the water. With certain pressure, the raw water is carried to the RO membrane, passes through its small aperture, and the pure water is produced. The regicted matter is drained with the concentrate water. RO membrane can remove over 98% of dissoluble solid, over 99% of organic matter and colloid and almost 100% of bacteria.

RO system is one of the most advanced water purification systems nowadays. Low running expense, easy operation and reliable working make it an excellent choice for producing pure water.

Drinking water
Petrochemical industry
Preparation of Medicine
Waste water reuse
Dialysis of medical treatment
Semiconductor industry
Power plant
Tap/Brackish/Sea water desalination

RO feed water condition:
1. Minimum feed water pressure: 30psi (2kg/cm2)
2. Water temperature: 4-45º C
3. PH scope: 4---9
4. Hardness: If no antiscalant dosing unit, the hardness should less than 17mg/L (CaCO3)
5. Silt density index: SDI< 5
6. Iron< 0.1mg/L
7. Free chlorine: Undetectable
8. Manganese< 0.05mg/L
9. Organic matter< 1mg/L.

Main Export Market

Africa ,Asia ,Central America ,Europe ,Middle East ,North America ,Oceania ,Other ,South America

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