4040 FRP RO vessel, brackish ro vessel, seawater RO vessel

  • Model No.:4040,4080
  • Made in:Mainland China
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  • 4" RO vessel:8" RO Vessel

Key Features

Firstline pressure vessels are engineered for use in Reverse Osmosis systems. 


4“ housing is mulpiple lengths: 21", 40" , 1-6element


Pressure rating is 300psi  450psi 600psi 1000psi and 1200psi


Feed/Conentrate port:

Side port: 1"side port Victaulic coupling

End port:  1/2" or 3/4" FNPT/BSPT


Permeate port

Side port: 1/2"NPT/BSPT

End port:  1/2"NPT/BSPT


Perfect option for small-size RO, especially sea-water desalination RO units. 





Competitive pricing

ASME-certified quality

Excellent outlook


Certificate: ASME and ISO-9001




Computer-controlled winding machine


Curing in specially-designed ovens(most advanced equipment in China)


Precision-drilling of side port with proprietary jigs and fixtures






100% hydraulic tests before delivery






saddle and strap


membrane adaptor 




Operation conditions:


Temperature: -10 ℃ to +66 ℃


 Water PH value: 3-11



Main Export Market


Payment Details

  • Payment Terms:DA ,TT ,L/C