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VNEX Co., Ltd, an engineering company, specializes in liquid separation system design and assembly including ultra pure water/RO (UPW/RO), wastewater reuse (WWR), Ion Exchange Resin System, UV Disinfection System, EDI System, MBR, Activated Carbon Filtration and UF System. In the mean time, we also provide major components for water treatment needs such as FRP pressure vessel, FRP tank, resin, EDI stack, SST filter cartridge/bag housings, distributors, RO membranes...etc.
We provide quality project execution, documentation, installation, start-up and after-sales services.

Structural 150psi FRP Tank

Benefits & advantages of using FRP vessels 100% non-metallic construction One piece seamless molded vessel with no weld or joints. About 1/3 the weight of steel tanks and can be handled easily Available in standard Polyester or chemical resistant Vinylester construction depending on your needs. Optional custom openings located as per your specifications. Easy to handle and install. Application areas FRP vessels are used mainly for residential and small commercial applications like: Softener Filtration Material Construction Material : Polyester, Vinylester Operating Parameters Maximum Operating Pressure : 150 psi Maximum Operating Temperature : 120° F Polyester, 150° F Vinylester Design Parameters-Pentair Safety factor: 4:1 (Minimum burst L1 at 600 psi) Cycle test: 250,000 cycles without leakage Design parameters – NSF Safety factor: 4:1 (Minimum burst at 600 psi) Cycle test: 100,000 cycles without leakage

Double Pass Sanitary RO System

3000GPD double pass ro unit --- for hospital use All in 316L mateiral for the piping, vessels and housings....for sanitary application use too Main Features: 1) SS304 skid 2) With Pretreatment /Without Pretreatment 3) Thin Film Composite Membranes 4) Stainless Steel RO Housings 5) Horizontal Feed Pump 6) Vertical High Pressure Pumps 7) PLC Control 8) Power On/Off Switch 9) 5 Microns Pre-filter 10)Water Flow Meter 11)High Pressure Gauge, 12)Inlet Low Pressure Gauge 13)Low Pressure Switch 14)Heavy-duty PVC Piping (Optional SS Piping) 15)Level Control On/Off 16)Automatic Flush 17)Low Pressure Shut-Off 18)Optional UV Sterilizer and Ozone 19)220V/50Hz and 110V/60Hz Available 20)Standard Wooden Packag

GE E-Cell MK-3X Stack

GE E-Cell MK-3X stack   For EDI system use, stock available for immediate shipment  

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